Would you like convenient access to a variety of IV hydration formulas to promote your health and wellness?

Did you know you have options for your loved one for IV hydration and treatment other than hospitalization?

Our Solution

Our Board-Certified Internal Medicine Physician has formulated vitamin and supplement solutions to enhance your health and well-being. A visit to our office is an experience in wellness for all of your senses.

A Board-Certified Geriatrician and a Nurse Practioner can evaluate and treat your loved one to avoid unnecessary and stressful hospital stays. Our RN team utilizes a holistic approach combined with the ordered IV hydration to provide a wellness experience at the bedside.

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Coastal Water

This “Grand” solution of a Myer’s Cocktail base is an ideal energy booster that can also reverse dehydration and speed recovery from a hangover.

Fountain of Youth

The combination of antioxidants and vitamins is a powerhouse of agents that can slow the aging process at the cellular level and promote detoxification.

Healing Water

Help boost your immune system and improve your body’s ability to fight infection.

Calming Water

Let the calming effects of this solution counteract the ill effects of stress on the nerves in the body. Promote positive health and alleviate headaches
caused by multiple

Rushing Water

Feel a rush of relief from muscle soreness and boost nervous system recuperation from fatigue.

Cleansing Waters

Powerful antioxidants and improve detoxification of the body and can promote weight loss.

Red Wave

Prevent PMS problems before they start or ease them after they’ve already taken effect. Get relief from common PMS symptoms including: nausea, headache, weakness due to dehydration, muscle cramping and moodiness.

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Add Ons

Elevate your hydration experience and outcomes by adding one of these enhancements:


This is an ideal addition to promote healing and tissue repair after surgery or injuries of any kind.


Add this master antioxidant to your hydration of choice and tap into its healing powers to fight oxidative stress, inflammation and promote immunity, brain and gut health and detoxification of the body.


After travel, infection or high endurance activities, additional hydration can restore balance in your body and prevent side effects caused by dehydration.


Boost energy and fat metabolism by adding this amino acid supplement to your hydration infusion.


From business travelers to busy moms, college students to executives putting in extra hours, boost energy and productivity with this enhancement to your hydration treatment.


“After a long NYE, went to the Truckyard for a hangover cocktail-- I did not realize this would come in the form of an IV cocktail. Hydration Nation walked me through hydration could how help me recover from my long night faster. The bus, the music and aromatherapy were so relaxing, I would recommend this and plan on going again. ”

– Terri B. Dallas, TX

“If you are any sort of athlete, I highly recommend regular hydrations. Every day I am active, whether it be biking, running, or weights and I stay constantly sore. The day after my hydration I was completely refreshed and the liberty to do whichever exercise I wanted to that day. I am a believer, been back three times!”

– Tommy D. Dallas, TX