Are you an athlete looking for an effective way to promote hydration or speed up recovery from a rigorous performance?

What kind of rejuvenation experience can we plan and achieve?

Does frequent travel, workload demands, and life’s stress have you feeling less energetic?

Do you need a smoother transition from weekend to work week?

Are you needing a doctor’s prescription for a fun time on a private limo bus?

Do you have a loved one who has experienced frequent infections and hospital stays or increased confusion and weakness?

How We Help

Our specialty team provides a unique approach and specialty cocktails for IV hydration or medical treatment in our office, at your worksite or community.

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Limo bus rental charged hourly for any type of celebration.

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Providing hydration in our limo bus at various locations for anybody from athletes to someone with a hangover.

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Beauty enhancement for any occasion at any location.

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About Us

The human body is pretty simple. It is made up mostly of water. 50-75% water, and saline to be more specific. Life challenges and stressors are what complicate that simplicity and interfere with our body’s fluid balance and well-being. Until recently, few options were available to restore our body’s fluid balance to promote recovery from insult, injury, impairment or indulgence. Our MD Concierge lines of services were each created with individuality and easy access in mind.

Dr. Venkatesh Madhav

Dr. Venkatesh Madhav is a graduate of Bangalore Medical College, India. He distinguished himself in the 95th percentile among graduates, and received many honors including National Merit scholarships. He completed 3 years of residency and Internal Medicine in India. In addition, Dr. Madhav went on to complete a residency in internal medicine and fellowship in Geriatric medicine at New York Methodist Hospital. He is a dual Board-Certified physician in Internal Medicine and Geriatrics and has been in practice since 2001. Having trained in India he is well versed in the Holistic and Alternative Medicine approach including understanding the root cause and pathophysiology of disease rather than just treating the symptoms. He is a firm believer that a “good physician treats the disease, the great physician treats the patient who has the disease” (William Osler). As a pioneer of Natural Medicine, he advocates optimal health by supporting self-healing and revitalizing organ systems through proper hydration, antioxidants and micronutrient therapy backed by Evidence based Medicine.

Dr. Madhav has his own private practice in Plano, TX, Primary Care Plus. He has been published in fourteen research and medical publications. He has served as a featured physician speaker on both television and radio media.

Dr. Venkatesh Madhav

Faces of Hydration

Our Approach

Removed barriers to Hydration therapy

Employed Hydration experts

Upgraded hydration therapy to a Hydration experience

(office spa, compassionately at the bedside, discreetly at work, in the hydration limo bus, as a group or as a party)

An individualized Hydration experience

“Drop” us a line and consult with our team to develop your unique Hydration experience

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“If you are any sort of athlete, I highly recommend regular hydrations. Every day I am active, whether it be biking, running, or weights and I stay constantly sore. The day after my hydration I was completely refreshed and the liberty to do whichever exercise I wanted to that day. I am a believer, been back three times!”

– Tommy D. Dallas, TX

“After a long NYE, went to the Truckyard for a hangover cocktail-- I did not realize this would come in the form of an IV cocktail. Hydration Nation walked me through hydration could how help me recover from my long night faster. The bus, the music and aromatherapy were so relaxing, I would recommend this and plan on going again. ”

– Terri B. Dallas, TX

Ready to Hydrate Yourself to Health?

Intravenous (IV) fluid treatments are the most efficient way to deliver hydration, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and medications to the body.

Oral intake of fluids and supplements are broken down by stomach acids and the digestive process, resulting in 50-60 % (or less) absorption by the body. IV fluids are administered directly into the blood stream, by-passing the need for digestion, resulting in 100 % absorption by the body. Higher absorption results in more immediate relief and recovery.

Our MD concierge spa and mobile services make access to the same hydration treatments that hospitals, urgent care centers, and emergency rooms deliver.

Our physician formulated specialty cocktails, assembled highly-trained hydration teams, and made access to hydration therapy available without unnecessary obstacles. Our flexibility allows us to deliver our hydration therapy experience in our office spa, at the bedside or mobile. Your journey to hydration is no longer bound or limited by barriers.

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